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What are good colleges for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what colleges I should apply to so I have the best chance of getting the right education and the best education for mechanical engineering. mechanical-engineering college

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4 answers

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Ahmed’s Answer

Depends on what your focus is and priorities are for going to a specific school/studying ME. This link is great to check out the top undergrad programs and see which fit your needs:

The big 3 categories at least for most are:
- Location
- Budget
- Academic Focus

If you want to stay in Cali then UC Berkley, Stanford, and CalTech are great schools! If location isn't a priority then there are a ton of other great schools that can more closely fit with your needs in the other categories

If you want to have in-state tuition for public schools then staying in your state will be best. If you're open to out-of state schools or private schools then that expands your list and you'll have more options depending on what your location and academic preferences are

Academic focus
This is in terms of how important other factors are in a school. Are you really interested in research and pursuing a graduate degree, if so then there are great schools that offer awesome research programs and you'll have to deep dive those to make a decision.
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Paige’s Answer

It depends on what you want from a school. Schools like MIT are large and very competitive to get into. Some smaller schools like Michigan Technological University are smaller and less competitive to get into.
These schools also offer very different communities - city life vs rural, different activities, different climate, and so on... The cost is also VERY different. In the end, a person with a degree from MIT could get the same quality education as a person with a degree from Michigan Tech.
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Vasu’s Answer

Purdue University is a very good engineering school:
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John’s Answer

That's quite a question. It would depend on where you want to go to school, what your budget it, What type of mechanical engineering you want to study and if you want to go further than a B.S. degree. Cal Tech is good if you want to stay in your state. MIT is great if you can get in. Univ. of AZ Tuscon is good. Researching on your own will provide better results than asking on a forum like this, everyone has there own bias.