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Career Questions tagged Hands On Experience

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Aug 26, 2022 352 views

What kind of college is good for both hands-on learning in classroom learning?

I would love to find a college that would offer both hands-on learning and out-of-the-book.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Apr 05, 2022 249 views

Events for mechanical engineering?

Are there any big events having to do with mechanical engineering that I could possibly look into, I would prefer something more hands-on?

Joel’s Avatar
Joel Apr 19, 2018 523 views

Do you have internships for high school students ? #highschool

Thinking on getting hands-on and experience #internships #hands-on-experience

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Apr 13, 2016 751 views

what do i need to become an aerospace engineer?

because, i'm not sure what it takes too become an aerospace engineer or what you need to have. I've been wanting to become one because i'm good with my hands and i dont stop trying thats the reason i want to become a aerospace engineer.
#electronics #hands-on-experience

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jan 26, 2016 1107 views

I"m kinda stuck in between 3 different careers. And I"m not sure which one best suits me. I would like some advise on how to choose a career

I'm asking because, this is my junior year in high school and I would like to have one career in mind so I could start looking into colleges that offer that career. #training #hands-on-experience #observational-research

Rahnel’s Avatar
Rahnel Jun 24, 2015 1010 views

what skills does it take to have a good career job

I am rahnel capitana I am 16 years of age I attend Leadership High School in San Francisco, CA I have a single mother working hard for 3 kids my younger brother older sister and me as the middle child I am a hands on person and I like working with others. I am bilingual in 1 other language I...