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If you were able to make a change to the industry what would it be?

I have had a hard time deciding what it was I wanted to look further into and make my career. I have decided on special effects and animation not being able to see any negatives in my opinion and enjoying everything it offers. So please give me what you see as a negative or something that could be improved in this line of work. animation

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1 answer

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Hajro’s Answer

When deciding on what industry to work in, one important factor to consider is where are those jobs. I am not familiar with local jobs in Oklahoma City, but growing up in New York City, I knew that if I liked mining or oil rigs, etc, New York City would not have many opportunities in that area. Since I wanted to stay in New York City, I realized that there are many financial institutions here and this is one of the main factors why I decided to go into the finance industry. Therefore, I would like to challenge you to think about where are the opportunities in special effects and animation. Depending where you end up working and the type of work that you do for animation, it can make your career more or less enjoyable.