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Hajro Kadribeg, CFA

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New York, New York
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Shaneese’s Avatar
Shaneese Jun 23, 2021 464 views

If you were able to make a change to the industry what would it be?

I have had a hard time deciding what it was I wanted to look further into and make my career. I have decided on special effects and animation not being able to see any negatives in my opinion and enjoying everything it offers. So please give me what you see as a negative or something that could...

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia Jun 09, 2021 1112 views

What should I do if I want to become a financial analyst?

I like math. I’m interested in majoring in Accounting or finance/ business.

#Profit #business

Laila’s Avatar
Laila Jun 18, 2021 537 views

Is it strange to have such diverse career goals? How do I go about wanting to do something with art, being a 911 operator, and being an elementary school teacher?

During my 12 years of school, I was "encouraged" to go to college, but it was more like manipulation. It was more like a life or death situation when it came to the topic of college, which essentially drove me away from wanting anything from it. During high school, I wanted to do more with art,...

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Jun 18, 2021 512 views

I need help! I have tudied and gone to further my studies but I find myself lost with no career aspirations. I dont know what career to follow. I feel I dont know or can identify what my passion is. How can I find a career?

The jobs I have had happen to be in leadership and the opportunities kind of fell on my lap, but also they're short-lived. So I have a cv that sounds impressive,with these job titles but in reality I dont have proper experience. Now looking for work I dont know where to look. I feel lost with...

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jun 16, 2021 1788 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks!
#banking #finance #student