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Is it strange to have such diverse career goals? How do I go about wanting to do something with art, being a 911 operator, and being an elementary school teacher?

During my 12 years of school, I was "encouraged" to go to college, but it was more like manipulation. It was more like a life or death situation when it came to the topic of college, which essentially drove me away from wanting anything from it. During high school, I wanted to do more with art, whether it came to YT sorry time animation, cartoons, comics, anything. At the moment, I'm experimenting with tattoo design. During the middle or end of 11th grade, I looked into being a 911 operator. Funny enough, what encouraged this choice was the show 9-1-1. I want to be the voice that the person on the line hears when they're in a state of distress, and I want to be the one to help them. I know that is not as somewhat glorified as it is in the show, but I want to help and be there for them. When I graduated high school, I started to want to become a teacher. I think I would be fit for pre-k, kindergarten, middle school, or high school for many reasons, and I figured elementary was the sweet spot. I want to be a teacher because I and many other students, former and current, hated school because of the teachers, staff, and the education system as a whole. We feel that it's not beneficial or good for our wellbeing, mental and otherwise. I want to be the teacher kids look up to, are comfortable with, and feel safe with. It's for the well being of tiny humans. I feel like I relate to these kids because I like what they like, what they find boring, I find boring. (I also want a little army to sing Disney and musical songs with me while doing work.) #college #teaching #education #teacher #career #911 #911operator #operator #artist #art #drawing #help

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