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Are community management internships common? If not, how can I get relevant experience while I’m still in school?

If they *are* common, what tips do you have for how intern candidates can stand out for the internships? Is there something they can do to go "above and beyond" to show the characteristics and personality traits you're looking for in your interns?

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Mindy’s Answer

As far as I know, they are not all that common. But, be the change and start asking for them! If there is a community you love, reach out to the manager and ask if they are looking for a pair of extra hands.

I believe that social media and marketing internships are more common and can help develop skills that are useful for Community Management. I would try those if you are unable to find a Community internship. Of course, creating and running your own community around a passion or hobby would be fantastic experience!

As far as traits go, an ability to show patience, kindness, excellent writing skills, and the ability to multitask are all important. I think the main thing I would look for above all else though is a passion, love, and understanding of the community you want to work for.

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