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What’s one piece of career advice you wish someone told you before you started a career in community management?

_This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to highlight exciting careers in community management. If you are interested in a career in community management, now would be a good time to ask a question of your own!_ #community-management

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syed’s Answer

Defining Lifestyle

What do I mean by lifestyle? Roughly speaking: a detailed feel for what your day to day existence would be like. Some questions to consider when imagining an ideal lifestyle:

How much control do I have over my schedule?
What’s the intensity level of my job?
What’s the importance of what I do?
What’s the prestige level?
What type of work?
Where do I live?
What’s my social life like?
What’s my work life balance?
What’s my family like?
How do other people think of me?
What am I known for?
Using these types of questions to guide you, construct an image in your mind about the ideal future you. Notice, specific jobs don’t need to enter the equation. They can if they help you visualize, but they aren’t necessary. Add little details. Really get a sense for what this lifestyle would feel like. If the image makes you happy and gets you excited about the possibilities for your future, then you’ve hit on a good match.

Be Focused on what you are doing , if you get excited in the career that makes you success. Get to know people and create a good environment Always save 10% of money from your salary Look for all the opportunities and challenges that helps you grow as human and in professional Vidhya Gopikrishnan

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Ava’s Answer

Connections ! Also linked in profiles and volunteering is very important. Stay ahead of everyone else not behind.