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I plan on going into the Navy for Aviation Mechanics I was just wondering the process of the entire endeavor

My name is Dawson Noll, I plan on going into the navy for aviation mechanics after my time at job corps learning auto mechanics along with diesel mechanics so I can have the best chance at attaining aviation mechanics for my MOA in the navy. aviation navy airline-industry

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3 answers

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Zackary’s Answer

Thank you for your interest in the the greatest branch of the US Armed Forces!
1: If you have not done so already, First step is to get in contact with a Navy recruiter. The recruiter will go over the requirements to get in the Navy. This can be a lengthy process with lots of questions. *Be open and honest with your recruiter with what you want. If Aviation Mechanic is the only job you want then you must state that. However, recruiters are there to counsel you and provide all available options. There may be other jobs you you qualify for and may not have considered.
2:They will have you take the ASVAB test. This is to determine if you you qualify to get in the military and also will show what jobs (ratings) you qualify for. Experience in the field of interest is not required because they will send you off to school to learn the trade.
3: Once you take the ASVAB and know what you qualify for, they will offer you a few choices of jobs. However, the job you want may not be available at that time. Recruiters have a set of jobs they need to fill that month/quarter and the specific job you want may not be available at that time. They can forecast when it will become available and you may have to wait a few months or longer.
4: The next step is the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Here you will go through a physical, sign paperwork, and swear in.
5: Off to Basic Training in Great Lakes, IL. This is about 8 weeks longs.
6: After bootcamp you will go off to "A" school to learn your trade. Here you will be able to negotiate for PCS orders to your first duty station.
7: After "A" school you will be off to your first duty station.

I Thank you for your response, I have already met with a recruiter and am in the process of finishing job corps then taking the ASVAB again after all my training is complete and I plan on signing a push button contract so after A school I will be going to C school for further training. My next question would have to be what do I expect after my schooling? Dawson N.

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Daniel’s Answer

Hi Dawson,

Here is some additional information that may be helpful to you around Aviation related career paths in the US Navy.
As was stated before, many of these career paths are dependent on availability and meeting the minimum requirements set forth by the Navy. Specifically, the ASVAB (The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test is the most recognized and administered Armed Forces tests and will be a very important first step towards your goals of applying for the specific career path you want in the US Navy.

The links below should help you to research the various opportunities in this field of study. (AWF - Naval Aircrewmen - Mechanical - Rating information)

Once you qualify and select a rating, you will attend "A" school and likely a "C" school depending on the specific rating you choose. After "C" school you will receive your first orders to report for duty. For the Navy, this will typically be your first tour at sea in the fleet. From there you can expect a rotation every 2-3 years, switching between sea and shore duty stations.

May you have fair winds and following seas, shipmate!

Thank you so much Mr. Kenny I really appreciate your answer and the time you took out of your day to reply to my question it is very much appreciated. Dawson N.

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John’s Answer

I can't tell you any sure way to do this, but first I must say that I think this is a good direction to go in. I'm sure that you can just enlist in the Navy, but your question is about how to get a job in maintenance. You might just talk to a recruiter and ask if he can give you any kind of commitment. Having good grades in school should help.

I thank you very much for the time you took out of your day to read and assist me with my questions, it is very much appreciated. Dawson N.

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