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How long does it typically take to become a nurse in new york city? What are the steps? What are some tips? Anybody have a nursing associates?

i am an 18 year old who just graduated high school. my high school is in partnership with my college, and are sending me there free of charge but for only an associates in nursing. nursing healthcare college nursing-education nurse

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1 answer

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Tonya’s Answer

Congratulations on graduating from high school and pursing your Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.). And, what a wonderful opportunity your high school is providing.

I was an adjunct professor in an A.D.N program and have worked with nurses who achieved their A.D.N. and can share a few tips.

An A.D.N. programs (not just in NYC) are commonly two (2) years. The steps are, you will receive the curriculum from the school (which you should be able to easily find online for your college). The curriculum will include the courses you need to complete including the semester to complete each course. The faculty and academic advisors will provide methods, skills, and tips for you to be successful. You may need to change your life routines to focus on your nursing studies, clinical experiences (care of patients with faculty and preceptors and opportunities to teach, present, and critically think), and additional activities you may become involved with in school (e.g volunteer, clubs/organizations). After you complete the A.D.N. program you will take the NCLEX exam and apply for licensure in the state(s) of your choice (NCSBN, 2021; Office of Professions, 2021)

After you complete your A.D.N. look to work towards your Bachelor of Science (BSN) in nursing. The college you were accepted to may have a bridge program where you would move right into a B.S.N. program due to the A.D.N school’s partnership. Additionally, you may look for nursing positions at healthcare organizations where they may pay for a portion or all of your B.S.N degree.

I included a few websites where you can read about the steps to apply for the RN license and the nursing exam. You can read information at the nursing organization sites provided below as well without joining to become a member. You will learn more about nursing organizations in nursing school.

All the Very Best

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