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Any advice on how to organize yourself better ?

Asked Dunedin, Florida

Hello ,
I am currently working on organizing myself better for my career. It seems that I have not found what "flows" for my daily routine because I do feel scattered a lot of the times and I will like to decrease that and establish some kind of plan .
What are some tools that can aid me in the process ?
Thank you #advice #coaching #personal-development

3 answers

Hillary’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

Not knowing what the external factors are, this usually stems from self discipline. What do you want to accomplish each day or week? And how are you planning and preparing to do so? Planners are great, and there are thousands on the market. But ultimately you have to commit to a plan that will support and reflect what you would like to accomplish.

Sheila’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

I work as a project manager so organization is key to my success in my role. My advice would seek out and talk to people who you see as organized- ask what they do to maintain that organization. You can try out any suggestions, keep the ones that work for you and discard the others.

In my work role, I use project management software to keep all my projects and detailed tasks and documentation organized. There are a lot of free, and useful project management programs available on the internet. I recently used one of those free programs when my daughter was preparing for college her junior and senior year of high school. We put all the tasks she had to do, assigned them dates, built out a calendar and reminders. This kept her on task and focused on what she needed to do to get in to the college of her choice.

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

  • Research different organization tools
  • Test out different tools and strategies
  • Implement what feels comfortable for your style
  • If it doesn't work, don't be afraid to try another tool or strategy

bill’s Answer

Updated Springfield, Missouri

Know yourself. You've done this. You've identified that something isn't working for you. Now you have to figure what isn't working and why. Then you have to change that. When you feel scattered you need to examine why your feel scattered and what caused it. Then fix it. This helps me in many aspects of my life. Good luck!

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