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Is it hard to be a social worker

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5 answers

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Donna’s Answer

In the United Kingdom you can study to be a Social worker by training at a university the route is usually a degree course a three year course.
The courses are mostly degree level and covers subjects in Social care, Social Sciences, Counselling,
Law and policy and practical placements in Social care setting and management in third year.
The courses are at an academic level of study it has changed from the Diploma level in Social work it used to be a two year course but was phased out and replaced by university study.
If that sounds intensive there are other options to work with people in a caring role.
There are courses in Health and social care to consider that can be taken at Certificate or Diploma level and can lead to opportunity in the Social care sector or NHS. Training to be a nurse or other professional practitioner there is training in other areas Occupational therapy or even an apprentice entry into your chosen career with an employer who pays you as you train and learn
These can be studied at colleges of further education or Online Internet to help with volunteering or access to work or Higher education.
A support worker role can also gain experience on the job in areas of mental health or elderly care home worker
Or Healthcare assistant in Doctors surgery or help in hospitals
to lead to Social care work or nursing
It is useful to get careers advice from a Professional advisor.
Or disability advisor if required.
A good general education is required Asking for English communication skills sometimes Maths or Science is asked for but not always essential
Volunteering is also a very good route into employment and helps others.
There are endless possibilities to consider so please don't worry.
What is important is that helping others in a rewarding way is useful
and in everyday situations with friends and family can help develop skills and support networks.
There are lots of ways to promote your self there is Counselling or teaching roles if you like working with adults or young people or children.
Or Careers adviser this is a Diploma course usually required can be studied at University level.
Or even helping people with disabilities or Art or music therapy.
There may be assistant roles supporting a trained Professional
to think about if a University route is not possible.
I have worked and studied in different Social Care roles and teaching.
I am now a self published author.

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Bill’s Answer

My sister in law is a social worker. It takes a special person to deal with the day to day things they see and deal with. You are typically involved with families when a loved one is at or nearing the end of their life and the emotions and sadness that surrounds that. While you can compartmentalize as much as possible, it's still a tough job, but one that is definitely a help to the families.

Good luck and wish you the best...the world needs strong social workers.
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Donna’s Answer

Social workers can work with all types of people usually have a caseload can work with Adults with mental health problems working in hospitals or visiting vulnerable people in their own homes.
Can be opportunities to work with elderly or families, Disabilities. People at risk.
There can be opportunities to progress to further study or even teach at Higher education level or University.
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Kristina’s Answer

The school part was not difficult. However, managing how you respond to the profession once you're in it is a different story, and I see a lot of people who seem headed for burnout because of taking on others' emotions and situations and, of course, it quickly then becomes too much. To me, the most important part of being a helping profession like social work is taking care of yourself and maintaining objectivity during your work. It is possible to have understanding and compassion for someone's situation without necessarily "feeling bad" for them. I feel we are not meant to take on others' burdens; rather, we stand next to them, support and encourage as they figure out what the next best step should be. Without challenge, there is no change, and I'll always remember learning this from my first job: the goal is that you should never be working harder than your client is.
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Brayden’s Answer


I think social workers are some of the best most caring people because in their line of work they have to deal with some really hard events. Typically social workers work individuals, families, etc in order to help them meet the basic needs of life. Social workers work to help people get back other feet in hard times and help families try to return back to normal after tragic events. I applaud people who do social work.

Hopefully that helps!