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How to get into the Washington DC spaceX internship

I was homeless now going through Jobcorps and dont want to end my education here. I wish to further my education and end up working in at spaceX as someone who negotiates with the government for SpaceX. education higher-education college

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Sarah’s Answer

Congratulations on your progress and on having such ambitious goals!

When you say "negotiate with the government," what do you envision yourself negotiating? Are you negotiating sales? Regulations? Purchasing? These could all be different areas that require different specialties.

Here are some degrees you could think about:
- Several of my colleagues in Regulatory Affairs who interact with the FDA have backgrounds in international business.
- Operations or Supply Chain could open doors for negotiating over products or order fulfillment
- Sales, law, or finance may be good areas to consider
- Believe it or not, engineers often can move into government-facing roles too. Having a technical background can be a real advantage since you can understand the technical details of the products being discussed.

No matter what you choose, focus on having strong communication skills. Consider joining Toastmasters or another group where you can continuously practice and improve your communication, both oral and written.