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Travanie May 30, 2022 2738 views

How do I go about starting up an orphanage ?

I want to open a place for children that have no where to go or no one, a place which can feel like home and help them.

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia May 25, 2022 713 views

How do designers translate the initial idea of a product into a functional product?

I do not understand how the design turns into a final physical product.

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Aug 17, 2016 1088 views

Good Engineering Schools in the South

What are some solid engineering programs in the south, I'd like to pursue this as my major, but also steer clear of Georgia Tech. #college #engineering #college-major

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Oct 23, 2016 884 views

Would you recommend UMD or UND for a major in engineering?

I really want to go to college for some type of engineering but I am unsure as to which of these two colleges would be most beneficial for me. #college #engineering #college-major

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Oct 26, 2016 712 views

In what direction is biomechanics engineering heading?

I am interested in developing and improving medical devices to improve people's quality of life. There have been so many amazing developments in this area lately, but I was wondering in which direction the field was trending- where would I be able to best get involved? #engineering #medicine

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah May 02, 2022 400 views

Biomedical Engineers was it worth the time?

Was all the college and schooling worth it?

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Mar 09, 2022 345 views

Are there any classes that help with verbal communication?


John’s Avatar
John Mar 11, 2022 381 views

Is logistics a growing field?

I am not sure if it is growing or not, because I have seen that if a job is not growing, it is not as good of an idea to go into that area.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17, 2022 741 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 19, 2016 1576 views

Is Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering more rewarding regarding jobs?

I have narrowed my career path down to two types of engineering. I would like to know which of the two are more respectable or necessary when it comes to getting a job. #engineering #engineer #chemical #bioengineer

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 16, 2022 672 views

Do most professional business careers require you to go to college?

I am interested in the business field but not sure what area specifically. I am taking a gap year and deciding whether it would be better to go straight into the work force or apply to a university.

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Feb 23, 2022 353 views

How do I help people find what they are looking for? How do you organize books? What classes should I take?

#books #library

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 01, 2022 610 views

what engineering job would be good for me if i want to work with my hands

I am a sophomore in high school and I like to work with my hands or have a hands-on job, I do not want to be sitting for most of the day. thanks!

#hands-on #engineering #carrer-path # #mechanical-engineering # #electrical-engineering

Aurek’s Avatar
Aurek Feb 08, 2022 417 views

Where would the best classes be to go to for mechanical engineering?

I'm curious of recommended places to go for mechanical engineering, if possible. I would want to go to the best classes, to get the most and best experience. #mechanical-engineering

Eden’s Avatar
Eden Jan 21, 2022 480 views

What are some not so great things to look out for in the engineering field?

I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but some insight on what you personally don't like about engineering would be helpful. #engineering #career