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Canton, Georgia
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Elijah May 02, 2022 367 views

Biomedical Engineers do you find happiness in what you do?

I'm trying to find a career that brings me happiness along with the small bonus of eating food and not living on the street of course?

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Elijah May 02, 2022 241 views

Biomedical Engineers was it worth the time?

Was all the college and schooling worth it?

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Elijah May 02, 2022 260 views

What would you recommend in the biomedical engineering field.

I just am curious about the different jobs in the field.

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Elijah May 02, 2022 305 views

Biomedical Engineers how did you get where you are?

I'm just curious as to what you did to get where you are.

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Elijah Apr 27, 2022 371 views

Biomedical Engineers: What would you say an average week is like?

I'm curious about the field and was wondering what the average work week looks like.