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i am vey confused til now about which career to choose

i want to pursue my career in commerce.
but seeing lots of options i always get confused
i am good at studying and i want something like less investment and more returns in future.while advising please discuss pros and cons for what you suggest career

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5 answers

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Chiranjib’s Answer

Hi Harshika

It's good to be confused. We all were confused at some point in time. But I would like to understand, what do you mean by less investment and more returns? Is this only in terms of money or also in terms of hard work?
If it's about money and if you are worried about high tuition fees, then your best bet would be to study at a Govt. funded college and university. And that is applicable no matter what stream you choose.
But let that not be the only criteria while choosing a career.

Have you heard about the Japanese concept of Ikigai? I suggest that you learn about it. In summary, find something that would come at the intersection of "what you are good at", "what you love", "what you can get paid for" and "what the world needs"! Once you find that sweet spot, there is no looking back. Don't worry about money, it will automatically flow. But the key is to love what you do for a living. That should be your driving force behind choosing a career.

So, please, think about it. We are human beings and not robots, so making investment and returns the only criteria may not hold good for you in the long run. No, I do not intend to say, it's not important, of course, it is. But there are other things that should be given priority, in my humble opinion. I have seen people choosing a high-flying career with money as the only motivation and then repent their choice as they were stuck with no alternatives mid-way in their career (10 years down the line).

So, it's important to find your true calling! Best wishes!

Chiranjib recommends the following next steps:

Download an ikigai worksheet from internet
Jot down all possible career options and note them down in the various cells of the ikigai worksheet
Find your ikigai!
Congrats! You have found your career path!
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Elizabeth’s Answer

Hi! I completely understand that it can be overwhelming when trying to find a career that interests you. Even if you know what field you want to enter, there can still be so many different options. Something that I would recommend is conducting informational interviews with people in the field that interests you. This could entail you asking them any questions you want about their career/journey. You can ask what they do on a daily basis, what do they like about their job, what do they dislike, etc. This can help give you a better idea of the specific jobs you may be interested in, especially as you talk to more people. You can find people to talk to through friends or family that know someone in the industry, or by searching on a platform such as LinkedIn and seeing if anyone is willing to chat with you about what they do. I hope this helps!
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Elisabeth’s Answer

I was a Supply Chain Management Major. I love this field because you learn about the end-to-end commerce cycle at macro and micro levels. By diving into this field, you could get an awareness of what you like and don't like and choose a field from there: planning, store layout, shipping/handling, operations, pick/pack, supplier negotiations, etc.
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Carson’s Answer

Hi! It is certainly okay to be confused when deciding a career. This is something that most people go through. I think if you know what you love, like commerce as you mentioned, then you can start a broad search there. Start searching the internet and see what's available. It doesn't hurt to apply to any job. The experience from applying and interviewing is very valuable. Early on I would also recommend getting feedback from whoever interviews you strictly on interview skills. And then remember to try to learn as much about the company as possible during those times. Hope this helps.
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Rebecca’s Answer

You are right that there are many choices having Commerce as your major. You can work on different industries like International Trading, conglomerates, global corporation, etc.
All of these may be in different industries. Also, you are correct that studying and working can be very different.
You can explore more on the industries that need Commerce talent and how they work. You can also speak to the people who work in the industry (if you know any one) or seek advice from the career office in your school. They can give you some advice.
Also, you can change if you find the job does not suitable to you.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!