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Jam Jul 09, 2021 411 views

What is a major with higher gpa average? What is considered an easy major?

Currently deciding college majors. Need help.

#college #college-major #major #college-admissions #anthropology #pre-med #education

Harshika’s Avatar
Harshika Jul 20, 2021 312 views

i am vey confused til now about which career to choose

i want to pursue my career in commerce.
but seeing lots of options i always get confused
i am good at studying and i want something like less investment and more returns in future.while advising please discuss pros and cons for what you suggest #career

Beecher’s Avatar
Beecher May 13, 2016 1209 views

Looking back on college, what is the number one thing you wish you did differently and why?

I am asking this question because I want my college experience the best it can be. By hearing people answer this, I will have some foresight of college and knowledge of what to maybe avoid in college. Thanks! #college #help #college-advice #member-experience #rights #be-your-best-self

K’s Avatar
K Jul 12, 2021 499 views

What should I major in/should I even go to college?

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I want to do something with animals but not necessarily become a vet. I could volunteer at shelters but I’m not sure what I want my main career to be. I was thinking maybe real estate or architecture or maybe even run my own animal sanctuary but I’m not sure...

Jovina’s Avatar
Jovina Jul 09, 2021 660 views

Whats your first interview like?


qian ting’s Avatar
qian ting Jun 30, 2021 374 views

what to do when your lost about your career

im not too sure where i a heading career wise, i keep contemplating if i want to do what i am currently majoring in right now. #career #career-choice #college