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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jul 20, 2022 1257 views

What exactly do tech consultants do?

Would it include any sort of programming or SWE?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jul 21, 2022 825 views

Does taking IT help immensely in a Programming Job in the future?

Does Informational Technology (Linux) help at all with Programming (Python)? I've enrolled in an IT 101 course, and I'm getting second thoughts on whether or not I've been tricked into an advertisement or I'm gaining purposeful knowledge.

DeArmon’s Avatar
DeArmon Jul 04, 2022 966 views

What are tips to finding out what you want to do for a profession.

I'm a freshman in high school and I have no idea what I want to do for a profession. I know I have time but I want to know tips used to figure out what you want to do for a profession. (I do consider going to college also. )

Janice’s Avatar
Janice Jun 25, 2022 852 views

What if your career goal changes throughout the years?

#careergoal #struggle #longterm

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Jun 25, 2022 836 views

Tips on how to study with adhd for test

I need help studying i lose concentration very easily and forget

Fnu’s Avatar
Fnu Jun 24, 2022 1077 views

How can I get internship in IT field?

I am pursuing bachelor in Computer Science and want to start my career. It seems getting internship almost impossible before graduation.

Adam’s Avatar
Adam May 02, 2022 582 views

coders out there do you find happiness in your job

is it fulfilling both eating wise and happiness wise

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09, 2022 1280 views

How much money did you invest in your career?

Was the amount of investment that you was worth it at the end?

Kang’s Avatar
Kang Jun 21, 2022 715 views

How did you find a career that you love or passionate about?

As a student, I want to work in a career I enjoy but also one that I can make a good living out of.

Kang’s Avatar
Kang Jun 21, 2022 1086 views

As an incoming college freshman planning to work in tech industry, what should I do over the next few years to prepare?

Ex: types of skills to learn, types of internships to get, people to reach out and connect

Corvon’s Avatar
Corvon May 31, 2022 615 views

How did you go about begin a technology

Im very intersting in technology i would like to know more about it

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 20, 2022 670 views

Can I have more than one career ?

I want to be more than one career and honestly want to know if it's possible to have multiple careers since it's a passion to continue helping people and animals.

Corvon’s Avatar
Corvon May 31, 2022 497 views

What is like in life of an technologies

What time do you wake up.what are the people like there. do you fix computer or promgram them.

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 19, 2022 612 views

What are some possible careers for commerce with math students?

#careeroptions #commerce #business #college

David’s Avatar
David Jun 16, 2022 718 views

[Advice to Career Computer Science students] Should I start as a developer or an operational support in a technology company.

As an operational support intern, I began to wonder whether I should convert to full time and stay in the same team (operation support) or request a team change and become a developer instead? One of my main concerns is which starting point will be most beneficial to my future professional...