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3 answers

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Brijesh’s Answer

Competition is very fierce in India and things can be very challenging when someone has financial constraints. A couple of things I would suggest:
1. Career Options: Think about the career options first for e.g. you IT professional, Teaching etc.
2. Colleges: I will take example of IT professional. I will identify the list of colleges based on the constraints for e.g. some government colleges provide quality education with minimum tuition fee
3. Create a long term plan: Always think about 10 years in advance. For e.g. what is your plan after college? where would you like to see yourself after 5 years of joining a firm
4. Alternate Plans: I will also create plan B if things doesn't work as expected. This is to prepare us for unplanned events

I hope this helps.
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Dave’s Answer

Hi Rohan,
There are companies that will train you for free because they are looking for hard-working individuals. Take a look at the many of those and see if something interests you. No job will ever be permanent. Most people work at 3 to 12 different jobs during their lifetime. You shouldn't have to pay for training. If you want to get ahead of course you'll have to go to university. That's going to cost money and there's no guarantee a job at the end. One area that you'll see is in great need right now is the medical field. Nursing is a skilled profession and in great demand all the time, in every country.
Military is another option. They train you for free and there may be some good benefits along the way, but their expectations are high.
You shouldn't expect a lot if you're not willing to put everything into it. Truly, the hardest workers do get head in life. Show up do more than expected make contacts in the industry and you may find the right job that meets your needs.
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jon’s Answer

Confused at what to study? become in life? what pursue in a career? Many of us have had the same feeling.
Financial challenges usually add to the confusing because many of use feel it limits our options.
I suggest focusing on who you are and some of the things in life you enjoy.

1. Do you see being successful as a person doing physical work such as a basketball player, a painter, a gardener?
2. Can you stay with a task until it is complete even if the out come is not what you envisioned? Life can offer you opportunities to learn.
3. Financial challenges are getting easier to overcome. Can you find a job that may pay for some of your education or new skills with work that at least you can tolerate. Tolerating a job could grow emotional strength. But don't stay with the job if you dis-like it more than 3 days a week.
4. Finally can you approach finding your self with good character, don't cheat or lie to get ahead and accept a few failures along the way and celebrate your your successes i small ways. Pat you self on the back and say thank you.