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How can I become a Physician Assistant?

I'm in high school and I dream of becoming a physician Assistant. I need tips of becoming a Physician Assistant. physician medicine healthcare

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1 answer

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Kelly’s Answer

I had planned on becoming a PA, but changed course just before applying to the PA school when an opportunity presented itself to work in the Prescription Benefit Management part of health care.

I decided on a program through Midwestern that required you to have a 4 year bachelors degree first from any accredited university and then you complete a 2 year Master's degree with them to become a PA. It is easier if you get your bachelor's degree in biology and/or chemistry since medicine relies heavily on knowledge of both.

I have heard of programs that you start right after high school that gets you to a PA in 5 years, but I don't know much about them. Either way, it helps if you love the sciences, are curious about anatomy and physiology, and want to help people.

Kelly recommends the following next steps:

Research what schools near you offer Physician Assistant degrees and read up on their entry requirements.