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Samantha K. May 22, 2016 602 views

How to go about getting student loans

I wasn't able to fit into any economics classes in high school and am now freaking out about what sources to use for receiving student loans. I know that I am going to need something as my current scholarships aren't fully covering my education and I currently have no money to pay and my...

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Dakota B. Oct 27, 2020 70 views

What section of cosmetology is harder nails, hair or makeup?

Personally which section do you believe is the hardest to learn and why? and the second part is What way has the biggest amount of clients in it? Like do some people get more nail clients, hair clients and or makeup clients? #college-majors #nails #cosmetology...


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Arabella P. Oct 27, 2020 57 views

What classes do you need to take before going to nursing school?

I want to know what it takes to be a nurse in particular school wise to be able to prepare myself and take as many classes or get into programs I need to get to where I want to be...


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Tatiyana R. Nov 13, 2020 136 views

How would it be working for the first time?

I am a Sophomore and I am 15 years old.I have never had a job and want to know how my first day would be. Since i'm only 15 I will be working at McDonalds. This is just somewhere for me to work for now.When I become older I will work somewhere with really good payment.Could you give me some...

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CV Office Hours . Nov 16, 2020 100 views

For those who lived on/near campus, what advice do you have for living independently for the first time?

Office Hours #2: SDSU College Student Panel This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was college life. If...

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Fernanda O. Dec 02, 2020 186 views
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Micah R. Dec 02, 2020 142 views

What got you interested and helped you stay interest in your career.

#career-advice #career-choice #pharmacist I'm 16 years old and would like to go into pharmacy when I grow up. I wonder what skills and traits will help me get to my...

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Genevese S. Dec 03, 2020 137 views

how to be ready for college?

I'm a senior wanting to be a bio-engineer, before i wanted to be a marine biologist. i want to get all A's just like last year. #navy #biologist #marine-biology...


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Cynthia M. Dec 04, 2020 368 views

How do you start having good study habits?

I am a 5th grader and I'm addicted to YouTube and Social Media. That's why I want to kinda get my life together, you know? #social-media #general #media #networking -Thanks for all your...