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What direction do I need to get into a career field of broadcast or reporting field?

I am a 26 year old young man dreaming to be a sports broadcaster or reporter one day, for any sports company that I can get into the tv field. I am very passionate about NFL, NBA, MLB, or college football. I would report or broadcast any of the major sports that I have listed to you. I am a firm believer in Jesus christ and know he will let everything fall into place for me whatever his direction may be. I am asking this question to seek help and advise of how I can achieve my goal and great dream. #broadcast-media #broadcast-television

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2 answers

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Barry’s Answer

Hi, Jace:

Thanks for inquiring. As with any career, it's about getting experience and credentials. In terms of education/training, you might at this point in your life check out the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Despite the name, CSB has locations in Tampa and Orlando, which are not too far from you in Naples.

Then, in the proverbial start-at-the-bottom/work-your-way-up model, you might want to consider stringing for news services at local high school football/basketball/baseball games, etc. If you're a bit more entrepreneurial, you might want to consider webcasting some of those games, either live or uploads afterword. You could shoot video and sell it to local stations to use as highlights, thereby getting your name in with news/sports directors.

You could also start a podcast, much like the one I do on horse racing. You just need to be able to sustain it either daily/weekly/monthly. I don't claim to be a racing expert - I book guests mainly and interview them, making them the experts. I try to use my love & knowledge of racing to add some clever writing - my introductions and commentaries at the show's end, but no one's tuning in to hear ME, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Nonetheless, the podcast is great place to "find your voice" as you get reps with each show.

Remember also, there are many more jobs behind the scenes than in front of the camera. My day job is as a producer of feature stories for TV. The podcast is a serious hobby. Hope this helps, Jayce. Best of luck.

Barry Abrams

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Radhika’s Answer

If you want to get into reporting you need a Journalism or a Mass Communication field. This field has a lot of options including TV Journalism. During your degree, you should attempt to find an internship in a sports channel that might make your chances of becoming a sports broadcaster easier.