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what is required to join the career path of a camera operator

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2 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

Would recommend researching universities that may offer a degree for this as well as getting involved in local activities for gaining experience in this field.
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1. Earn your high school diploma

Earning a high school diploma is typically the minimum education requirement for camera operator.
Also, if you want to take college cinematography courses, a diploma, GED or equivalent is required.
Camera operators often need to earn a bachelor's degree.
Having a bachelor's degree can help you get through the first round of resume reviews and possibly secure an interview.
Certificate programs are also available at some universities, which offer coursework in cinematography that teaches you shot composition, camera operation and lighting technique.
Work on gaining the skills that make a successful camera operator. You'll need both soft (personal attributes) and hard (education and knowledge) skills to stand out. Important skills for camera operators include:

Working well under pressure
Good verbal communication when coordinating with others
Excellent listening skills
Being a team player
Detail orientation
Hand-eye coordination
Knowledge of editing equipment and software systems
Physical stamina for standing or holding a camera for long periods
In-depth expertise of different cameras and lenses
Consider looking for college courses or industry workshops that offer opportunities for hands-on experience. Some even provide work placement. You can also gain experience and create a network of contacts through:

Working on films in your community
Getting a job at a company that rents camera equipment
Being employed at a production company as a runner