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What programming languages are the best for getting a job?

What programming language is most looked for from companies hiring? #programming

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4 answers

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Frank’s Answer

Hi Gary,

How are you doing?

In my opinion, this highly depends on the industry you want to work in or use case you want to work on.

Nowadays in web development JavaScript is gaining more and more momentum even for backend applications. Its versatility is really great ...

Java is still really great when you work on desktop applications, and enterprise web applications, but most likely won't be used a lot in web sites.

My advice would be try to be as open as possible about learning a new language. After you have learned one language and you can apply the logic, you can easily adapt to another one.

I started with PHP and JavaScript. Afterwards learned Java and now I am back to PHP and JavaScript. But even within a language, how you program has changed significantly.

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Jeff’s Answer

Hi Gary,

Great question and you already have a lot of great advice! It really does depend on the job you want. Each programming language has it's own strong points and is focused on a specific segment of computer science. As others have suggested, look at different jobs and see what they require.

My best advice is to learn and work with as many different languages as you can, including open source. Expand your horizons as wide as possible. In my undergrad degree, the program was focused on application, not theory so I was able to learn and use 20 different languages! Right out of college, I was hired by IBM as a PL/1 and PL/s programmer, two languages that I had never seen. But they figured that after learning 20 languages, the 21st and 22nd would be very easy for me!

The mainstream general languages include JAVA, C, C++, Python, javascript and others

Remember that there are new languages and old languages gaining popularity all the time. I just saw a survey that had Fortran in the top 20 current languages. It was developed in 1954! You will change directions in your career so be flexible, adaptable and never stop learning, especially in hi-tech! You are never locked in to a specific language or market segment.

Good luck!


Jeff recommends the following next steps:

Learn the basics
Learn as many different languages as possible
Contribute to open source communities if you can
Enjoy the learning and challenges!

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Trent’s Answer

There are new languages being created every year and there are several different applications. IF you want to know which one will help you get a job, I would recommend you do a search for job opportunities in computer programming. They will all tell you the languages which the different companies are using/requiring. Using java, C, php are great starting places, but if you look for a job you will get the answer for what is needed today. So get out there and look at web sites where companies are looking to hire computer engineers and you will find the languages which are highest in demand.

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Will’s Answer

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your question and I cannot agree more with Frank - it depends on what you will do with the language. E.g., I personally used python and python only for data wrangling and analytics in financial services industry.

I would recommend you check TIOBE index which is a monthly-updated indicator of popularity of programming languages.

Top 5 so far are C, python, Java, C++, and C# in order.