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What is the real reason for why you decided to program or related to programing ?

I am 17 year in high school.

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2 answers

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Tiauna’s Answer

I was in search of a career that would challenge me and allow me to learn and grow while doing so. Because technologies are always changing, there will always been a need for programmers so job security is also a plus. The information is easy to access and depending on the language, can be simple to learn. Knowing how to program sets you up for a world of opportunities and experiences, and it doesn't get boring!

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Michael’s Answer

I did not start out programming. I had a business degree and I thought that I would be leading teams and projects. Thirty years ago, technology seemed like magic and many were too intimidated by it to learn about it and how it can be used. It took IT departments months to make seemingly small changes and adapt technology to new purposes. Being a young guy out of college, I figured that there was nothing that I couldn't figure out so I jumped in. IT was very time consuming and I found that I had little time to lead teams and projects but I was making enough progress in the IT space to not get fired. After a while, I just morphed into an "IT guy". I liked it because it was so mysterious to others that they could not micro manage me or tell me how to build things. I am certain my first few "successes" would be considered abominations today but they worked.