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what skill do you need to be in law enforcement such as a police officer or park ranger

i'm zayn i'm a sophomore in high school its been my dream to be in law enforcement law is life

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1 answer

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Zayn!

It's great that you are interested in law enforcement. The first things you need to know is to keep your character and integrity above reproach. Law Enforcement background checks are pretty thorough. They talk to neighbors, teachers, ex-girlfriends, employers, etc.

Next, stay in good physical shape.

Teamwork helps. Much of what you do requires teamwork, and not getting into shoving matches if another officer handling a call "tells" you to do something, rather than asks you. There's no time for such petty squabbles out there in the world. Proof of ability to work in a team - be it debate team or soccer, is helpful.

Self-confidence is important. It's hard to develop it, but when you have a good knowledge foundation, and are sure of what you are doing, confidence follows. Me? I drew my confidence from the uniform. People expected you to make decisions and carry them out. Most people would comply (such as doing crowd control)

Some sort of self defense background is nice. You need to be able to take care of each other out there.

Writing skills. You will be taught how to write reports. But, it's good that you have a solid foundation in writing, spelling, etc.

Critical thinking. . .

Where can you acquire all of this prior to entering law enforcement? In the military. Many police officers are US Veterans. By the time you finish one tour of duty, you will have matured much more than civilians your age, and, you will have an advantage in the hiring process. Please give it some thought. I am not a veteran, but I worked with a lot of vets, and they were great officers and great people. I knew I could count on them, no matter what.

thank you ! zayn L.

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