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What education preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in fashion designing?

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1 answer

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Sethu’s Answer

My daughter is a fashion designer in India. Studied in one of the top colleges NIFT, Bengaluru. Through this experience i can say - any higher secondary school program is good as a qualification requirement. It will immensely help to do a year's training (part time is good) in fashion design concepts, do a few projects, and learn well focused on what colleges will ask in your interviews. Build a design portfolio online as you build your knowledge and do your projects. See as an example. Show your portfolio to the interview panel. Be sure to include social responsibility context in a few designs - helping others with designs, care for environment, reduce wastage, any other. Good to consult your college catalogs to understand the application process, and talk to a few students there to understand their experience and what guidance they can give you. Hope this helps.