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What important details should I put in my cover letter for becoming a lawyer?

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I have some many good qualities. So you can give me some of your reasons why someone hired you to go into that lawyer position. I need some help finding the right Ideas to put in it. #lawyer #lawyers

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Carmen’s Answer

Begin by looking at a job advertisement for a lawyer and write your cover letter in response to that. If you are applying in response to a job posting, you will write about how your skills match what they are asking for. For example, if the job posting says you need 3 years experience taking depositions, you will write about your experience taking depositions and why you're good at it. Obviously you are too young to have this experience, so you can try to relate it your school projects, etc. You can also use resumegenius.com >resources.coverletters or search for "cover letter lawyer examples" online. Good luck!