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What certifications would be good for the health Administration field?

Asked Union, New Jersey

I'm majoring in Health Administration. I want to know what the best certifications that would benefit me. I know that First aid and CPR are some good ones. What are some other suggestions #healthcare #health #certifications #healthcare-management

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Talayah’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
I'm excited that you are interested in health administration. It's a great field and one that I became interested in during my first year of college. While knowing CPR and basic first aid is great, they aren't necessary credentials for being a health administrator. I encourage you to supplement your health administration coursework with additional business classes, particularly in accounting and finance. Understanding the financials of a healthcare organization is a necessary part of the job. If your class schedule allows, I suggest finding a part-time position in the business office of a hospital or other healthcare facility, such as a health center, board of health, or doctor's office. You can also volunteer - that's how I got my first job. My best advice is to get as much hands on experience as you can working in various healthcare environments. Education and credentials are important, but any experience you can gain while you're in school will make you a stronger job candidate when you graduate. Happy to answer any other questions you have. #healthadministration #healthcaremanagement