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How long does a nurse have to attend college to get a degree

I want to go into the navy to be in the nursing field #nursing

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Hello Cierra: Nursing programs can be two years, three years or four years. There are two year associate degrees in nursing (ADN) and three year or four year Bachelor's Degree programs. There are also three year diploma programs. The Bachelor Science in Nursing is the preferred degree and will offer you the most job opportunities, particularly with the push for all nurses to become advanced practice nurses or nurse practitioners. The BSN will make it easier to advance your education.

Last updated Feb 23 '17 at 03:45 AM

It would be very difficult to become a nurse after joining the Navy. If you wanted to learn to be a Corpman, the Navy would train you to do this as an Enlisted Corpman. If you want to be a Navy Nurse, you really need to get your BSN in Nursing prior to joining the Navy, but you would be able to join as an Officer instead of Enlisted personnel, which would be better pay. It would be a very difficult journey for you to join the Navy to become a nurse. It is wonderful that you are thinking of serving your country! Best wishes!

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There are new fast track programs in NJ.

Last updated Feb 23 '17 at 02:41 PM
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