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How do you attract or get new clients if you work in sales. I have an interest in being an investment manager and want to know how I would get clients into my office.

I'm a young entrepreneur who pursues in many different ventures including the sneaker business. My friends and I resell shoes and make a hefty profit. business entrepreneur

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Jessica’s Answer

There’s probably a million ways to attract new clients, but it starts with what you’re most comfortable doing, because if you’re confident the sale is already close to being yours. Here’s a few ways to get you started:
1. Social media - Facebook, Twitter. linkedIn - all ways to market your product and get new clients - shout to the world what you’re doing and why people should come visit you - get your friends to support and like your page is a great start
2. Use an existing online market place that customers frequent - instead of starting from scratch with your own website, consider using amazon, ebay, offerup, nextdoor, groupon, or countless other online markets that are available these days to sell your products - yes you’re competing against others, but if you have quality people notice - if you sell online that’s not in office, but it does provide for a more steady income
3. Consider making it personal and local - hit up the local coffee shop,
barber, or local restaurant, and ask if you can set out a flyer or leave a business card there for people to take with them as they leave. Don’t forget to go back and refill them
4. The BEST way i’ve found is word of mouth! So get your current customers talking about you in a positive way - think yelp or google reviews - get your name out there and give discounts for referrals

That’s all i can think of for now, but I’m sure with some creativity you can think of other ways too! Best of luck to you!