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What are your long range and short range goals and objectives, when and why did you establish these goals and how are you preparing yourself to achieve them?

Because some teenagers don't know what they are trying to reach or accomplish. #anyone

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1 answer

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Kim’s Answer

Shardae, that is a well-worded question!

First, before I answer, let me set the stage by saying that I am 55 years old.

My goals:

  1. To retire by age 62, 60, or sooner. I initially established this as a goal when diagnosed with a non-life-threatening, but serious, illness (2013). I reaffirm the goal on a daily basis, because I work for a company where I am not appreciated, and have a boss I cannot stand!

To reach that goal:
a. Periodically consult with a financial advisor to make sure I am on track.
b. do not take any money out of my investments. I am no longer adding to them, as I saved a lot when I was younger.
c. Make extra house payments, so my house is paid off by that time.
d. Maintain my car in good working order, with regular preventive maintenance, so I can keep it as long as possible before having to buy a new one.
e. Stay as healthy as possible.

  1. To get my Masters in Legal Studies, with a certificate in Paralegal Studies, with graduation to coincide with time of retirement. I made this goal in 2016. I am single, and dabble in legal activities as a hobby. Having this to look forward to as a 3rd career looks exciting.
    a. Take one class per semester.