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What steps could i take to become a mechanic

I am a student in job corps hoping to become a successful mechanic mechanics

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2 answers

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Zahid’s Answer

What's the difference between a mechanic and an automotive technician?

The term "mechanic" could mean anyone who knows how to build and fix the inner workings of a vehicle or another machine. Auto technicians have these capabilities, along with the training to diagnose and solve problems in today's increasingly computerized cars.

Most training, education, and certification programs refer to this occupation as an "automotive technician" or auto technician in professional circles.

As for the steps:
1. Finish high school
2. Complete a Mechanic Training Program

You have options when it comes to selecting an education program. Here are some:
* Trade and vocational school
* Community college
* Military
* Car mechanic school

These schools offer certificates and diplomas. Some trade schools partner with high schools, so you can train for your career while earning your high school diploma.

3. Become Entry-Level Certified

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) develops tests for automotive technicians to demonstrate their expertise in various specialties. The ASE entry-level certification consists of eight tests. It covers:

Engine repair
Electrical systems

You don't need experience to take the entry-level test. So, take the test during or after your educational program — whenever you think you're ready. You can also take practice tests and follow test-prep checklists on the ASE's website.

4. Complete an Apprenticeship or Internship

Some mechanics complete apprenticeships, but not all do. An associate degree program will likely require you to participate in an internship or other fieldwork for a semester.

Suppose a major car dealership hires you as an entry-level mechanic. In that case, you may need to work as an apprentice for eight weeks or more before earning the automotive technician title.

5. Get Hired as a Mechanic

According to the BLS, about a third of car mechanics work at dealerships. Another third work at repair shops.

In either environment, you'll start working on less diagnostic and more predictable projects, like changing oil and lubricant and assisting certified technicians. You will need one to two years of work experience before becoming eligible to take the ASE certification exam.

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James’s Answer

First thing I would do is see if your High School has vocational classes in Auto Mechanics. Usually they are a two year program and on the second year they will place you on a program that you work in a shop for two weeks then come back to school two weeks. This should get in in the doors of becoming a mechanic. Good luck .