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Am Benjamin from Nigeria,i want to study journalism after my secondary school.what are the procedures i need to follow to become a professional journalist?

Am Benjamin,i want to study journalism after my secondary school,and i don't have someone to guide me.that is why i come here to come and get some knowledge about journalism. #journalism #professionals #journalists

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2 answers

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Maria’s Answer

Hi Benjamin! It depends on what the colleges in Nigeria are like. At the US colleges, you can select to get journalism degree which will help you become a professional journalist. I would get more information on the college system in Nigeria and see if there is a special school for journalism or if it is an undergraduate major.

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Monica’s Answer

Benjamin - You can choose a school that has a degree in journalism but that's not necessary. You could study English or International relations (like I did) and go on to be a journalist. I think it's important that in school you write for the student newspaper or work at the student radio station. You need to start collecting your work to show future employers. So look for a school with a good student newspaper or a degree in journalism, either would work!