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Jessica Jan 05 2028 views

How do you find a lifelong career that you will love and be passionate about?

I'm still young, in my early twenties asking for advice or helpful insight on finding the right path for me. I'm currently enrolled in a Jobcorps Center and am pursuing Pharmacy technician and or other trade work training. I have several small interests that I enjoy but none that I feel...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Nov 08, 2023 604 views

Hello, I'm thinking of studying human resources, what steps should I take to to enter this field? Also, what does a typical day in this career look like, and what are three important things about this career I should know?

I wanted to be a psychiatrist or a health education specialist.

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 20, 2018 874 views

Is getting a master's degree worth it for working in tech companies?

I already have a company that's interested in hiring me after I graduate. Should I still be considering applying to a graduate program? #gradschool #tech

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Mar 21, 2018 967 views

How do you stand out in college applications?

Amidst the numerous students who have perfect GPA's and ACT/SAT scores, it is important to stand out in other ways. However, what necessarily makes one appear to have more potential? Clubs? Sports? I am asking because in todays day and age, anyone can have perfect grades so there must be other...

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Oct 03, 2017 793 views

HOw does one work towards becoming an admissions counselor and or academic advisor?

I am working currently and belatedly on my bachelor's degree in psychology and education at SUNY Old westbury as an adult transfer student. But my REAL passion is and has been for a long time now, to work towards helping young people find the college of their choice and get into exciting degree...

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Sep 01, 2017 574 views

What are the chances of finding a music education job after graduation?

I keep hearing that arts/music programs are being cut so I am a little nervous about being able to find a job after graduation. #musiceducation

De'Asia ’s Avatar
De'Asia Feb 13, 2017 690 views

How much schooling is required for dental hygienist?

What are the total number of years needed for dental hygienist #dentistry

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn Feb 10, 2017 877 views

What is the best grade to teach ?

Not high school though #teaching

Igbayima’s Avatar
Igbayima Feb 17, 2017 856 views

Am Benjamin from Nigeria,i want to study journalism after my secondary school.what are the procedures i need to follow to become a professional journalist?

Am Benjamin,i want to study journalism after my secondary school,and i don't have someone to guide me.that is why i come here to come and get some knowledge about journalism. #journalism #professionals #journalists

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Feb 15, 2017 685 views

What are some classes I need to become a surgeon?

I want to be a surgeon. #medical-education

Eliah’s Avatar
Eliah Feb 17, 2017 814 views

What is the best way to start out being a pastry chef?

I want to own a bakery someday but I don't know haw to work up to that #chef #pastry-chef

Arlenna ’s Avatar
Arlenna Feb 17, 2017 879 views

What are the steps to become a neonatal nurse.

I need to know the steps so that I can complete all of them. #pediatric-nurse

Legend’s Avatar
Legend Feb 22, 2017 580 views

How to land a good video broadcasting job

im a sophomore in highschool and just wondering because this is my future major #college-major

Snazzy’s Avatar
Snazzy May 15, 2017 893 views

how would i maybe get started on being an actor?

im looking to see if you need to go to a school or drama club or anything #acting #career-details

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi May 19, 2017 1311 views

What are some useful classes to take in college?

I want to take some classes that would also be helpful for me in the future. #college