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Is getting a master's degree worth it for working in tech companies?

Asked Provo, Utah

I already have a company that's interested in hiring me after I graduate. Should I still be considering applying to a graduate program? #gradschool #tech

4 answers

Maria’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Amanda! I think it could also depend on which field (HR, IT, Marketing) you are working on in a tech company. In my opinion, having another degree is always helpful and an advantage- but it is optional. The goal would be to be a continuous learner in whatever you do (if you have a master's degree or not). It's important to continue to grow and develop throughout your career. Being a life-long learner will help you master obstacles you encounter throughout your career and will help you remove project roadblocks and be a strong problem solver.

mathias’s Answer


Hi! For most people the long term the gains of a master's degree are clear. You are likely to see more options in your personal development/career path and also feel more comfortable when challenged. But then again, some individuals will claim the opposite. However, I had a great time getting my master and have seen indirect benefits from this so many times. So I clearly recommend getting the master if circumstances so permit

Kiran’s Answer

Hello Amanda, It depends on what skill set the tech companies are looking for and where you would like to land in your career. If you are looking to be in management roles , the competency requirement is to have people management knowledge until up-to a mid level manager however for senior roles and above require critical management skills which can be acquired through graduation. For technical skills until unless the organisation is looking for graduation , registering into courses which can give you knowledge which the tech company is looking for should help fetch you roles in tech companies. Hope this helps and all the best for your career. Regards Kiran

Rafael A.’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Any post graduate degree is worth the time taken to attain it. It makes you more marketable when you are competing for a position.

If you are interested in working first, that works as well. My suggestion would be to look into the tuition reimbursement plan of the company to see if you can actually get the company to pay for your advances degree.

Hopes this helps.

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