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Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 20, 2018 874 views

Is getting a master's degree worth it for working in tech companies?

I already have a company that's interested in hiring me after I graduate. Should I still be considering applying to a graduate program? #gradschool #tech

Agustin’s Avatar
Agustin Jan 16, 2018 790 views

How can one set themselves apart from other programmers?

I am asking this because if there is a group of people who all can write the same code, how can you set yourself apart from the rest of the group? #technology #programming

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jan 25, 2018 624 views

What is the most effective way to develop better study habits in a methodical manner?

I know that going into college as a freshman, my academic routine will have to change with the various classes and requirements of each course I take. With this in mind, how can I shift from my traditional high school studying methods of cramming the night before to a steady study routine that...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Dec 31, 2016 1572 views

How can I improve my algorithm thinking?

I struggle trying to create simple algorithms. For instance, I would spend almost an entire day trying to figure out how to print an inverse right triangle with asterisks in my computer programming class while my fellow peers would solve it in 30 mins. #computer-science #programming #java...

Lisamarie’s Avatar
Lisamarie Oct 20, 2016 746 views

in my class there is a HUGE gender gap a bit intimidating and worrisome and i'm not sure if this is something i should worry about or just brush off?

i'm the only girl in my class planning to specialize in chemical engineering it's a widely known option so i thought there would be more candidates.. #chemistry #chemical-engineering #chemical #chem

Danish’s Avatar
Danish Oct 27, 2016 2773 views

How much Math does really play into being a robotics engineer?

I love the engineering field, but I am not good at any of the math part that comes into play. I know that I am only in Highschool, and the fact being that my mindset of math is just to plug and play formulas. I don't want to think about it, just get it done. If I was to become a robotics...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Oct 29, 2016 817 views

How will Engineers overcome the struggles with Autonomous vehichles?

I know that the real issue with autonomous cars and such is making the snap decisions, but what are engineers doing to overcome this? I had the idea of using an AI to be able to drive the car rather than a simple program. Is this a reality? #engineering #cars #autonomous-cars #self-driving-cars

mahesh’s Avatar
mahesh May 05, 2016 1422 views

Can i be doctor and an engineer?

I like both professions and would like to explore. Please help me understand. #doctor #engineer #software

Quentin’s Avatar
Quentin May 05, 2016 682 views

Does having a master's degree increase your ability to be hired?

Will employers see the master's degree as an advantage? If so, is it worth a students time to seek one during/after college? #engineer #professor #professional

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Aug 10, 2016 1027 views

Robotics Engineering

Many times i have looked and worked with FRC robots at school and thought i like all the aspects of making a robots. I believe i want to be a robotics engineer, but what do i need ? What is the difference between a robotics engineer and a double major in electrical and mechanical engineers? Are...

Nidhi’s Avatar
Nidhi Oct 17, 2016 1092 views

Job proffession in IT field

I am intrested in C Language what will be best profession for me.I am thinking for web development and software development too.i am so confused in which i should move forward kindly help. #software #development #web

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Sep 14, 2016 3091 views

What is the best way to improve your public speaking skills?

Public speaking is basically my biggest fear in the entire world. I pretty much try dodging every obstacle possible when it comes to this topic. This is a strong phobia of mine that just eats away at me. If I were to practice speaking when I know I have a presentation or something big coming up...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 08, 2016 1306 views

How many people do you need on a team to construct and program a robot drone?

I am asking this question because one of my career interests is in Robotics and I want to get an idea of how many people I would be working with to construct a functioning robot drone. I have always wanted to construct one and I just want to see how many people would be with me to make it a...

Stanislaus’s Avatar
Stanislaus Jul 04, 2016 989 views

Actually, I will like to know what it takes to be outstanding in my field of study and also; does one really need to be in the best school before he/she can be a genius in whatsoever field of study they choose?

My name is Stanislaus,I'm a final year Student of Ecole des techniciens superieur du Benin. I'm currently studying computer science and I really have so much passion for it. I don't want to operate in a level of mediocrity as regards my course. I'm also a pianist. Well my reasons for asking...

Shilpa’s Avatar
Shilpa Jun 27, 2016 718 views

which subject i must take to became software engineer?

i wanted to work in it field to achievement #career #engineer #software