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Career Questions tagged Compute

Brayden B.’s Avatar
Brayden B. Brayden B. Aug 12, 2016 865 views

How hard is it to become a Cyber Security?

I am asking this question because I am wanting to know how to hard it is to pursue this career! #computer-science #science #computer #math...


Stanislaus N.’s Avatar
Stanislaus N. Stanislaus N. Jul 04, 2016 608 views

Actually, I will like to know what it takes to be outstanding in my field of study and also; does one really need to be in the best school before he/she can be a genius in whatsoever field of study they choose?

My name is Stanislaus,I'm a final year Student of Ecole des techniciens superieur du Benin. I'm currently studying computer science and I really have so much passion for it. I don't want to operate in a level of mediocrity as regards my course. I'm also a pianist. Well my reasons for asking...

#compute #it-management #programming #cctv #ethical-hacking #computer-software

Jayashankar M.’s Avatar
Jayashankar M. Jayashankar M. Apr 29, 2016 902 views

What is mean by Computer Engineer?

I want to become a Computer Engineer.So I want to know about Computer Engineer. #professor #computer #computer-engineering...