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How hard is it to become a Cyber Security?

I am asking this question because I am wanting to know how to hard it is to pursue this career! #computer-science #science #computer #math #compute

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2 answers

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Archana’s Answer


Very interesting question. Nothing is hard in today's times. I guess we are living in times when whatever you think, you can achieve.

Edmond community college has a course on Computer Information Systems. It has program that prepares you for industry-recognized certifications such as:
CompTIA’s A+
CompTIA’s Net+
CompTIA’s Security+
CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst
Certified Ethical Hacker
CIW Internet Business Associate
CIW Site Development Associate
CIS JavaScript Specialist

If you have prior education or experience in information technology, the college offers advanced placement into classes, degrees, and certificates. These upper-level classes provide advanced knowledge and may lead to job opportunities in network security, information security, digital forensics, database analysis, design, development, or business system analysis.

PFB the link to get a free ebook on cyber security -

Hope this information helps.

Do well, all the best.

Archana Jain

This is a good suggestion. To get more information, talk to the alumni relations officer at that school to arrange to meet graduates of that school working in your area of interest to see what they are doing, how they got there, and how you feel about what they are doing. Here are some tips on getting good information: ## ## ## ## Best of luck. Please let me know if this helps. Ken Simmons

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Jonathan’s Answer

In the last 10 years, given the growth of electronic commerce we have witnesses exponential growth in the amount of and size of Cybersecurity attacks and associated fraud. The demand for "good guys" in this battle is ever increasing. Consequently if you have interest, decent analytical skills, and basic computer/programming/network experience, you would make a great Cybersecurity professional. In this field, there is a debate about the value of college degree. With the current pace of technology refresh, most detailed knowledge gained in college is almost obsolete in 5 years. You may want to consider technical certifications or a two year technical degree to learn the background and strive to get an internship in the industry to get real world experience. And be prepared that to be successful will require a mindset of continuous learning throughout your career to stay current on new technologies, new threats... etc. Good Luck!