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Hoe can I invest into stocks?

I want to know important things about gaining more money. marketing stocks-investing

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2 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

Hi there! If you have no experience at all with trading stocks your best bet is to use a broker who can submit the trades on your behalf. When using a broker you open an account and provide them with the money to invest on your behalf. There are a number of discount brokerage firms you can work with. Before meeting with the broker I recommend doing your homework and trying to determine what kind of companies you want to invest in. Questions you should ask yourself: "Am I a risk taker?" "Do I want short term gain or do I want to stay with a stock for a number of years?" (This is known as "going long" on a stock.) In other words your personality will play a role in the decisoin making process. There are a number of free online courses and yes, even vides on YouTube, that can help you with your research. Look at the items you buy in your day to day life and ask if yourself "Is this a company I want to invest in?"

Also consider picking up a print copy of a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal. Don't read it online, actually buy a copy and read through it.

If you do go with a broker make sure to listen to them, but don't let them force you into any particular stock you have not done your own research on. Ask for the prospectus about the company they are recommending and review it.

Hope this helps!

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Parth’s Answer

Hi Stephanie,

I saw that your goal was gaining more money. You are seeing stock investment is a way to do that. Absolutely! It is one way to do it. But I will say that gaining more money begins with savings. So ensure that you have a proper savings account. Ensure that you have enough in savings account to cover your expense for at least 2-3 months (depends on your comfort level). Once you have that + some emergency money set aside. You can use leftover to invest in stock.

I would ideally start with a sample portfolio in google finance (almost like a game without real money) and make decisions on stock, when to buy and when to sell. See how you fair out.

Another way to do it get a broker who can help you understand. (I don't normally suggest this because brokers work for their advantage. You want to understand everything that is happening with your money. ) Another way to do it is invest in safe stocks like S&P 500 index, Or some Technology ETFs. Or Target retirement funds. These will keep your money growing at modest amount and you can take more risks as you learn more about stock investments through articles, talking to brokers, understanding how to read company's financial documents. etc.

Hope this was helpful.