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Susan Mar 18, 2018 1119 views

Does the Marketing major actually prepare you for real-word jobs?

I'm asking because I've heard stories about how the marketing majors in college don't actually teach you what a marketing job requires and others who say the classes do help.


Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 22, 2017 1254 views

How can i successfully advertise my newly opened bakery, in order to get customers?

-school project
#marketing #entrepreneurship #advertising #baking #cooking-and-baking

Shayal’s Avatar
Shayal May 30, 2017 1032 views

How can I improve my chances of getting into a college while majoring in Marketing?

I'm currently a Junior in high school and I'm not sure what field I want to study, although I'm fairly certain that sciences are not for me. I'm interested in Marketing but I'm not sure what steps I should take to get there, Are there any internships that would be recommended for high school...

Stephanie ’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 17, 2017 988 views

Hoe can I invest into stocks?

I want to know important things about gaining more money. #marketing #stocks-investing

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Camryn May 09, 2016 868 views

What are the top employers of students who graduate with a bachelor's in marketing?

This fall I will be entering college as a Global Marketing major and I am curious about what companies lead in hiring students like me. #marketing #job-search

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 30, 2017 1165 views

Are there any good colleges for learning business ?

I am a 11 grade student in American high school, and I am looking for a good college to studying my majors for business works and marketing. Any ideas? #business #marketing

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Ezhilarasi Apr 29, 2016 1033 views

what is the department under the Information Technology?

I like programing language ... in computer #computers #job-market #k-12-education #employee-benefits