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What can I put on my resume as a high school student with no experience?

I'm a Sr. In high school and I need a part-time job, but I have no experience so every time I call I always seem to have get the same answer " we aren't hiring just yet, call back in two weeks" #job-search

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Hi Stephanie -

I am assuming that you have created a basic resume at this point? if so, you can create a "skills" resume that outlines how you have solved challenging issues in the past even though you haven't actually had any previous employment...

Think back to situations where maybe you were a club officer, baby-sitter, volunteer, class leader, etc. Then use this format on your resume, you can even use the headings below...

CHALLENGE - describe the challenge you or your group/family was faced with ACTION - described the actions you took as a participant or as the leader RESULTS - describe the outcome that occurred due to your actions

If you introduce yourself in your resume as a problem-solver and then support that statement with the above you should get the attention of the hiring managers for at least at interview where you can elaborate on your skills.

Always be POSITIVE when presenting yourself! can help you in this area !


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