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If I want to enter investment bank, what should I do during second-year (total 4 years) summer in university?

Asked Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Now I am second-year student, I have found many relative internships to graduate in 2018. I have chance to have internship in commercial bank or securities company. Is it ok? #investment-banking

2 answers

Gaby E.’s Answer

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hi Ena, What matters the most in my opinion is to get that investment banking internship before your last year in university. To get a leg up for that internship, any relevant experience (including involvement as VP Finance of any student association/NPO, Commercial Banking, Investment Management, even Audit) will greatly help you, as well as good grades. You'll also need to get your networking on point, your technicals mastered, and show an interest for the field throughout the process.

Mikio’s Answer

Updated Douglasville, Georgia