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Corporate Finance at PwC
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Ena Mar 25, 2017 919 views

How to do journal entry (accounting) ?

I think debt and credit in journal entry are not logical. I did past exams but i hardly ever get good grade in midterm. #accounting

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 26, 2017 808 views

If I want to enter investment bank, what should I do during second-year (total 4 years) summer in university?

Now I am second-year student, I have found many relative internships to graduate in 2018. I have chance to have internship in commercial bank or securities company. Is it ok? #investment-banking

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Ena Mar 04, 2017 1388 views

How old age is good to enter investment banking?

Many people told me that the job is suitable for young people. Although now i am 19 years old, i want to plan my career path. #investment-banking

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 26, 2017 1214 views

Which major is easiest to find a job in business school?

Many people tell accounting is best major but I don't like it. #accounting #business-school