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How old age is good to enter investment banking?

Asked Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Many people told me that the job is suitable for young people. Although now i am 19 years old, i want to plan my career path. #investment-banking

3 answers

Gagan Singh’s Answer

Updated California, California

I'm a former investment banker - worked at Barclays in NYC - and entered the field at 29! I entered investment banking (as an Associate) after I completed business school and I definitely didn't feel old. There are 2 ways that most folks enter investment banking: 1. As an analyst. These folks enter IB right after completing college and are generally 22 when they start. 2. As an associate. These folks enter IB after completing business school and are generally 28 - 32 when they start I do agree that the job is more suitable for "young" people since the hours aren't necessarily conducive to a healthy marriage or being an engaged parent. However, I would define "young" in this instance to mean younger than 35, rather than younger than 25.

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Gaby E.’s Answer

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Investment banking requires a lot of hours. As long as you're willing to put them, you won't be too old! Getting into investment banking is a shock, even to the most prepared amongst us. It's better to have that shock when you have less responsibilities (no dependents, no health problems, etc...), and the younger you are, the less responsibilities you usually have

Jeremy’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia

Never too young (never too old). I would recommend going after it as soon as you feel ready. Answer ads for entry level positions in your field (every one you can find). Even solicit companies that you would like to work for (I once went physically knocking on a company's door with resume in hand and asked if they possibly had any openings. I ended up getting a job there a couple months later!). Then, if you can get your foot in the door, you can find out what path within the company and industry you would like to pursue (if further education is required, most companies will pay for your tuition to get a degree at night or on line).
Hope that helps and good luck!