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Melissa Feb 16, 2017 1355 views

How do you get into a position after being out of work for a few years and are around 40?

I want to know how easily it can be to get into a position at 41. #women #college-recruiting #recruitment #cyber-crime #internet-recruiting

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Ena Mar 04, 2017 1359 views

How old age is good to enter investment banking?

Many people told me that the job is suitable for young people. Although now i am 19 years old, i want to plan my career path. #investment-banking

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 04, 2017 965 views

Is it important to enter investment banking with formal internship?

This summer I may be entering futures company to begin my first internship. Now I am second-year student. #investment-banking #futures-company

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Ena Mar 25, 2017 774 views

Do you have suggestion to university students who use linkedin?

Who I need to add?
What experience is not necessary?

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Mohammad Mar 24, 2017 1530 views

How should I negotiate the pay rate of a job?

I'm an Engineering student and I've been actively looking for jobs to apply for. I have found several attractive opportunities but I would like to have a higher pay for some to help with my finances without risking losing them. I wonder how I could do that. #engineering #career #job-search...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Mar 25, 2017 824 views

How to send a good cold email?

I don't have relative experience but I want to begin my career. #cold-calling