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How to send a good cold email?

Asked Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I don't have relative experience but I want to begin my career. #cold-calling

2 answers

Gagan Singh’s Answer

Updated California, California

The hardest part about cold-emails is sending your first one! So go out there and knock out that first one! As a recipient of cold-emails, I love hearing from folks that share similar interests and am eager to help.

Below are some tips for sending out a cold email: 1. Keep it short. People are busy and you want to respect their time. 2. Give context for why you're reaching out to the recipient. Doing your homework and showing passion for the work they're doing is critical to convincing someone to reply to your "ask". 3. Have an "ask" in the email, whether that is to get a coffee, get on a phone call, etc. 4. Related to point 1 above, don't make the ask too large. So, asking for a 20-minute chat is appropriate, a 45-minute chat is not. Bonus points: when you speak with the person, limit it to the allocated time. 5. Do: ask for advice; don't: ask for a job.

Greg’s Answer

Updated Leesburg, Alabama

Not sure that cold email would be the best and only approach. But, if that is at least one of your approaches I would say try to do your homework first and find out who you are targeting to impress. Make sure that person is a decision maker or major influencer and I would follow up with a phone call. Or, call first. As a hiring manager, a lot of emails from unknown people are simply deleted. There are a lot of security threats out there and we are instructed not to open emails from unknown people