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Is it important to enter investment banking with formal internship?

Asked Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This summer I may be entering futures company to begin my first internship. Now I am second-year student. #investment-banking #futures-company

2 answers

Gagan Singh’s Answer

Updated California, California

I'm a former investment banker - worked at Barclays in NYC - and I entered into the field through an internship. In my experience, a vast majority of investment bankers, first started off as interns between their Junior and Senior Year of College. In order to get the internship between your Junior and Senior Year, I'd recommend that you get some relevant work experience to make your internship application more competitive. Some ideas to gain work experience that would be compelling to investment banking recruiters: - Interning at a smaller investment bank that is open to younger interns - Working at a retail bank during the school year as a teller to showcase your interest in finance - Taking on a leadership role in a club as Treasurer - Interning in Private Wealth Management (easier to find internships) Good luck!

Christan’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
If your able to secure an internship, it definitely helps as there are generally less spots for full-time opportunities as banks try to convert as many interns as they can.