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What's the best way to approach clubs in college?

I'm a senior looking to decide how and what kind of clubs, I want to approach and join next year. #college #college-bound #extracurriculars #college-recruiting #student-clubs

The best thing to do is get a list of the clubs and the descriptions and then try to figure out what it is that you would like to do, try to find 1 that you really like and then 1 that you can do to try to do something new, so that you can brighten your mind and also so that you can add to your list of experience. keyona G.

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Jamie’s Answer

Go to as many initial meetings as possible. Meet the people, get a vibe for what they're doing, and decide then whether you could see yourself long-term in that club. You don't have to stay/join all of them, but try out as many as you can. If you end up sticking with one or two, that will fill your time plenty. Just get a feel for it and then decide!

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Denise’s Answer

I would suggest you join an alumni FB group and ask the former recent students about their experiences in various clubs. Alumni have nothing to lose about telling the truth about the good and the bad. No matter what - get involved! Follow your passion or try something new!