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Why do you want to do after university?

I want to know typically what people do after completing university. Do you do a placement? what are the options? #career #university #students

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Most university graduates complete begin seeking employment their field of study. Make sure that you connect with your Career Services or Placement office at your campus.

Last updated Mar 23 '17 at 15:03

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Hi Hoshmand!

You asked a very important question! The transition process may be different for various people in various situations; therefore, I am presenting several different viewpoints that may help:

Let me know if and how this helps. Best of luck!

Last updated Feb 27 at 08:07

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Hello, this is a good question and it differs from a person to another. It all depenfs on what you are looking for. Some graduates directly look for jobs related to their fields od study. Others look for fellowships to acquire some practical knowledge because most university courses offet theorical knowledge. Some people look for volunteering opportunities to gain a larger spectrum of social relations or to know more about their societies and offer help, that in turn help them build themselves. So you should ask yourself what you see yourself doing after university and decide which route to take. Good luck.
Last updated Nov 27 '17 at 05:24

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