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Can I put my volunteer experience at Career Village on my resume?


I am happy to join career village and would need to ask permission to put my volunteer membership on my resume #volunteers #job-application

3 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I list Career Village on my resume! As a matter of fact, they were kind enough to send me a nice letter last year (at my request) so that I could prove to my employer that I was being active on this site!


Sejal’s Answer

Hi Yayuk, great question! You definitely should include your volunteer experience at Career Village on your resume, and try to get as specific as you can with what you have done. Don't worry about making it a lengthy explanation, but highlight what you have done, and (if given the opportunity in an interview), talk about what volunteering at Career Village has meant to you, and impacted you.

WADDAH’s Answer

Updated Sanford, Florida

Sure you can put it on your resume.

If you need a letter to prove your participation,you can request one.One the other hand,a snap shot of your activity at this site might do the trick.